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XMC Machine Interface
Users are now able to quickly and easily create new machine operator screens for CNC applications that transform the look and feel of the machine to meet individual machine operator needs or conform to customer-defined specifications. Users gain programmatic access to numerous controller variables, data points and system configuration information with the XMC universal application programming interface (API). [More Info]


XMC for Visual Studio - Open Motion Control for Visual Studio
Users can now rapidly build, test, integrate, and deploy motion programs easier than ever. XMC for Microsoft's Visual Studio provides several motion programming software resources for creating hardware-independent, motion control applications and components using Visual C++ or Visual Basic. Integrating single and multi axis motion control into your custom machine control software solutions has never been easier. [More Info]


XMC for OPC - Open Motion Control for OPC
The XMC® OPC Data Access Server provides access to our XMC software platform via OLE for Process Control (OPC), the industry standard for hardware-independent field device communications. [More Info]


XMC Drivers
Our list of supported motion controllers and CNCs continues to grow.  To obtain the latest information on supported controllers, please email or call 509-493-3743.

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