What is XMC?
Our XMC technology provides a unified motion control software programming interface to various commercial motion controllers. Based on Microsoft's COM component object model and compliant with Microsoft's DNA for Manufacturing Initiative, XMC is designed to be integrated into other industrial software products to provide seamless motion control support and expose the critical motion system data of any machine to other factory automation systems.

As a hardware-independent, component-based software architecture, XMC was designed to be extremely flexible, extensible, and portable to support legacy, contemporary, and future general motion controllers (including PC-bus, stand-alone, proprietary, and software controllers), digital drives, and network-based, distributed motion control topologies. It resides between the control application software and the physical motion controller to translate and coordinate high-level, controller-independent motion logic and data to proprietary, controller-specific motion protocols.

XMC is a licensable technology that can integrated into your commercial software package or OEM solution to provide seamless, hardware-independent motion control capabilities to your application engineers and customers. XMC is ideal for integration and bundling with soft logic applications, HMI development environments, commercial motion controllers and intelligent drives, and custom OEM machine control software packages.

One Programming Interface
Creating a complete Windows-based motion control solution typically requires expertise in motion systems engineering, Windows programming skill, and extensive knowledge of the motion controller manufacturer's proprietary hardware command language.

XMC simplifies the motion programming task by providing a single Application Programming Interface (API). By presenting a unified OLE/COM motion API within the familiar context of OLE Automation or C++, XMC frees the Windows programmer from the intricacies and dependencies of each controller's proprietary language, including communication protocols, control codes, and syntax.

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